Thursday, 28 February 2013

What a Small World!!

So I went to Ikea in Croydon this morning to buy some fabric, because I am in love with their fabrics as they are the perfect weight for bag making and carry a good range of Funky prints! I saw a lady looking rather confused..... So putting my nosey Teacher's head on, I asked her what project was she working on and did she need a hand in choosing some fabric?
She said that she had this Vintage fabric and was looking for something to contrast with it for some Cushion covers. She had seen a really easy tutorial on Youtube and that the lady mentioned she brought her fabric from Ikea and she didn't even know that Ikea sold Fabric? When I asked her about this tutorial she said it was called "The World's Easiest Cushion Cover by Molly Quest"!!
"Thats me"! I said, we both stood there in amazement and had a really great conversation, exchanged numbers and had a coffee. She actually lives not too far from me and has only just started sewing!

I thought to myself, what a small world we live in and what were the chances of that happening???

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