Monday 11 May 2015

Client's Review - Molly Quest work

Molly was fantastic and a pleasure to work with! She produced very technical patterns, plus toiles and final samples. She worked really fast and to a high standard, providing me with lots of suggestions and pointers about where improvements could be made within the designs. She was patient in accommodating both my uncertain timescales and detailed requirements! I am very happy with the results, would 100 percent recommend! The work was professional and fast and she listened to exactly what I wanted. Thank you Molly for your help! 
Sophie - Degree Fashion Student – London College of Fashion

I was very happy with my outfit.

Marlene made sure I was happy with all what she was doing for me and making sure she had all my ideas down and played around with it and always kept me up to date of different design and fabrics.
I had no more then one fitting and when it came to trying on my outfit it was perfect it fit just right everything I asked for. Marlene was also giving me other ideas for my outfit, which I didn't think off which I was happy for because I don't like to experiment much.
I'm 100% Happy with my outfit.
Thank you
Natel – Private Client

Best time ever!
A friend recommended Molly to me. I signed up for 10 lessons and had the time of my life. Molly is super organised and professional. A lovely lady full of ideas and positive attitude as well as a great teacher and motivator. She's like a shot of endorphin and a whirlpool of fun. Her explanations are easily comprehensible. You make the patters together on your request. We made me 2 skirts, working side by side. I was basically shadowing her and followed/repeated her work step by step. Have fun!
Elena – Private Client

I worked with Molly during my extremely stressful time of working on my graduate collection at London College of fashion. She helped to make the time a lot less stressful and was super professional in the work she provided. Even when I added extra work and changed my mind half way through she was happy to help and provided top quality work at a much more affordable price than most seamstresses in the London area. I was 100% happy with the work Molly did for me and would not hesitate to work with her again!!
Chelsea - Degree Fashion Student – London College of Fashion

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Highly recommended, works to tight deadlines, incredibly talented and an absolute delight to work with!!
Nastascia – Fashion Designer

Excellent job, great attention to detail! Very professional seamstress; I would definitely work with her again. Many thanks!
Dominika M. – Private Client

Really quick and communicates well. Very pleased and professional! Would highly recommend.
Jaskiren – Degree Fashion Student De Montfort University

Needed the perfect party outfit and the amazing Molly Quest made this skirt for us!
Very talented fashion designer and seamstress can make anything you need.

I studied fashion level 1 and 2 at Westminster Adult Education with Molly Quest was my Tutor and she taught me how to use a sewing machine, pattern cutting, health and safety and how to follow a brief. I also completed Molly's bag course, which included making a collection of bags using upcycled fabrics. This course also included how to start your own business and how to sell handcrafted products online.
Molly Quest is excellent teacher, she pushes all of her students to do well and succeed.
A real role model for all women
Nina – Student

Molly was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the start to finish it was efficient professional and so easy to work with her. 
The communication was great. It was consistent and she delivered quickly and to the highest qualityShe was quick to solve any problems and would call me to decide the best possible solution. Her input was of great help. 
My dream collection wouldn't have come true if it wasn't for Molly. I highly recommend you use her services.  There is definitely no other sample technician I would use other than Molly. 
Mary - Degree Fashion Student – Istituto Marangoni School of Fashion & Design

I have used the services of Molly on 2 separate occasions and both time, have been very impressed with her work.
On the 1st occasion, I had 3 pairs of long, lined curtains that required taking up. Molly carried out this task in good time and all curtains were taken up to the length needed and all were level.

On the 2nd occasion, I asked Molly to design a king costume for my sons Christmas show. I just told Mollie the colours that I wanted and left her to design to costume.
When I collected the costume I was very impressed! Molly had made a beautiful purple tunic edged with gold braid and also a full length purple cloak, lined with gold, this had a draw string tie. My son looked very regal in his show and at least 4 parents asked where I had purchased the costume from!
In short, I would go to Molly for design inspiration of any sort and for the finished article. 
Molly is very professional and does what she says she will.Thank you Molly!!!
Gail B – Private Client

Molly has made a number of vintage style dresses for our company. We just show her a sketch or a photograph of the dress we want and she’ll create it for you. Molly works to a very high standard and has great attention to detail she’s full of creative and innovative solutions and is so easy to work with.  I’m sure you’ll never walk away with something you’re not happy with!
Gilly – Gilly Gray Bridal

A star service. Thank you for the 3 outfits which you have designed for me: 1 white dress created and designed. 1 White play suit alterations and amendments. 1 Black dress alterations and amendments. Your customer service and sewing techniques are outstanding. I have had so much compliments for each of the designs and can’t wait for our next little number.

An Amazing service throughout. Really enjoyed the design and dress fitting process. Molly made me feel comfortable and totally in control through the whole process. Loved the end result beyond belief. I couldn't have asked for more. Her advice on style was spot on and her technical knowledge of how to make what I wanted work was invaluable. I wish I could get married again, just to have another beautiful dress.
Philippa H – Private Client

I have used Molly Quest to make a number of garments from scratch and make alterations to existing garments. She has been amazing at both! In addition to her fantastic sewing skills all items have completed to tight deadlines at high quality. I would highly recommend Molly Quest as a seamstress and can't wait to work with her again. All of my family and friends have started using her and LOVE her work to. Simply amazing!!!!!
Sherise – Private Client

Contact Molly Quest:


Mobile: 07861 402 141

Tuesday 6 August 2013

New Sewing Kits & New Skills

Phew! I have spent the last 2 days photographing and editing my new sewing kits, I have learnt so
 many new skills whilst doing this task. I learnt about focusing , using studio light properly, setting up a basic photographic studio and getting the right close up angle.

 This time around, I have tried to offer a variety of different Sewing Kits, including Thread Kits, Standard and Deluxe kits! They are all jammed packed with good quality items.

I have incorporated neon piping to make the Zip area "Pop" and used some great printed Oil cloths

Coats Duets 100% Cotton Threads

Sneaky little Mirror shot

Piped Zip Close ups

Check these Kits out on:

Thanks Mx

Thursday 28 March 2013

What's your Sewing Machine Review

As a sewing Teacher I am always asked, what sewing machine would you recommend?
Where Domestic sewing machines are concern, I will always choose Brother machines, I find them easy to use and tough machines.
Always go for a reputable Brand, if the machine goes wrong the parts will always be available and fixable! Sometimes you come across cheap machines deals in mail order catalogues or low budget supermarkets.... please beware, I am the original bargain hunter but its always worth buying a decent sewing machine that will last!
  The main things to consider when buying a sewing machine are:
  • What's your budget?
  • What's the main things will you need the machine for?
Theres no point in buying an expensive computerised sewing machine if you are just making sewing cushion covers or learning to sew...

I tend to find that when people are buying a sewing machine, they tend to go for the prettiest looking or the one that is singing all dancing with the most amount of fancy stitches, which more than likely will never be used after the first couple of try out sessions.
The main functions that a sewing machine will be used for are:
  • Straight Stitch
  • Zig Zag Stitch (for neatening seam if you don't have an Overlocker / Serger or stretch stitching)
  • Button Hole Stitch
  • Blind Hem Stitch
All basic sewing machines comes with all above stitches!
I have tried all 3 machines and will always recommend to my students the first machine, which I think is more than adequate for the beginner to advanced sewer! But if you require automatic buttonhole stitches or more fancy stitches then machine 3.

So what I have done for this blog, is to recommend 3 different Brother Machines for 3 different budgets.

Machine 1 - Brother X5:
A Nice easy to use Machine, excellent for all levels and only £79.99

  • 14 manual stitches.
  • Motorised 65 watts.
  • 3 needle positions.
  • Drop-in bobbin mechanism.
  • 4-step buttonhole.
  • Zipper insertion.
  • Twin needle capability.
  • Push lever reverse.
  • Clip-on feet.
  • Stitch length control.
  • Stitch width control.
  • Accessories included: Zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, zipper insertion foot, button sewing foot, screwdriver, 3 bobbins, needle set, twin needle, darning plate (for free motion sewing).

Machine 2 - Brother AE2500ZU1:

The next step up 11 Extra Stitches slightly more sturdier machine £159.99, again perfect for the all levels of sewers and pretty!

  • 25 manual stitches.
  • Motorised 51 watts.
  • 2 needle positions.
  • Automatic bobbin winding.
  • 4-step buttonhole.
  • Zipper insertion.
  • Twin needle capability.
  • Push lever reverse.
  • Clip-on feet.
  • Stitch pattern indicator.
  • Stitch length control.
  • Accessories included: zipper foot, button hole foot, button sewing foot, needle package, extra spool pin, feed dog cover, twin needle, bobbin, needle plate and fixing driver.
  • Includes instructional DVD.

Machine 3 - Brother FS-40
Here you are now moving into computerised sewing machines. I mainly use an industrial sewing which just does straight stitch, but I do have a similar one to this, which I got especially for the range of different automatic Buttonhole stitches, that are beautifully created and quickly! £229.99

  • 6 automatic stitches.
  • 40 manual stitches.
  • Motorised 30 watts.
  • 3 needle positions.
  • Drop-in bobbin mechanism.
  • Automatic bobbin winding.
  • 1-step buttonhole.
  • Embroidery feature.
  • Drop feed mechanism.
  • Zipper insertion.
  • Twin needle capability.
  • Push lever reverse.
  • Clip-on feet.
  • LCD screen.
  • Stitch pattern indicator.
  • Stitch length control.
  • Stitch width control.
  • Accessories included: buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, blind stitch foot, button fitting foot, seam ripper, 4 bobbins, needle set, tin needle, cleaning brush, screwdriver, extra spool pin, foot controller, instruction manual and user guide.
  • Includes instructional DVD.

All the mentioned machines can be purchased at Argos. I hope this review was useful and helps you to find the right Sewing machine for you.


Sunday 10 March 2013

My First Corset Cake!

So I also dabble with making cakes and Cake decoration. I had an order for a birthday cake and was given free rein with the design as I knew the person. I came up with a Corset cake and thought it would be perfect for her. 

Wednesday 6 March 2013

New video up!


Sewing Kit Give Away & Sewing Kit Essentials
and put a face to the hands :-)